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REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL, Fourth Report on the implementation by the Republic of Moldova of the Action Plan on Visa Liberalisation. 21.06.2013. 21.06.2013
Implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy in Republic of Moldova, Progress in 2012 and recommendations for action, Brussels, 20.3.2013, SWD(2013) 80 final 21.03.2013
Implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy in 2012 Regional Report: Eastern Partnership, Brussels, 20.3.2013, SWD(2013) 85 final 21.03.2013
EUROPEAN COMMISSION, MEMO, Brussels, 20 March 2013, ENP Country Progress Report 2012 – Republic of Moldova 20.03.2013
The European Commission and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy published on 20 March 2013 the annual “neighbourhood package”, consisting of a joint communication (“Towards a Stronger Partnership”) making an assessment of the ENP implementation in 2012, a report on the “Partnership for Democracy and Shared prosperity” with Southern Mediterranean, an Eastern Partnership progress report, 12 country reports (on developments in 2012 and with a set of recommendations for the future), including one on the Republic of Moldova, and a statistical annex.
Annual Action Programme 2012 in favour of the Republic of Moldova to be financed under Article 19 08 01 03 of the general budget of the European Union. Brussels, 3.8.2012. 08.08.2012
Eastern Partnership Roadmap 2012-13: the bilateral dimension, Brussels, 15.05.2012. 12.07.2012
Draft resolution on Moldova, Principal Sponsor Ms. Walburga Habsburg Douglas, Sweden, Monaco, 5-9 July 2012 09.07.2012
Second progress report on the implementation by the Republic of Moldova of Action Plan on Visa Liberalization. European Commission. 15.02.2012. 15.02.2012
EU Press release
Action Plan on visa liberalization, EU-Republic of Moldova visa dialogue. 08.02.2011
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Victoria Bucataru: the European Agenda of the Republic of Moldova: life after Vilnius. Issue 4, 2013 22.01.2014
After 22 years of independence, Republic of Moldova (R. Moldova) finally made its first real step towards a comprehensive and foreseeable foreign and domestic policy. The European agenda became one of the elements that guided the domestic reforms and mobilized the activities inside and outside the country. Without neglecting the
Victor Chirila: May 9 2013 – The Success Story accompanied on its last journey. 14.05.2013. 14.05.2013
On May 3, 2013 after a long, hard and untreatable disease, hit by a blind bullet at a boar hunting, died the wunderkind of the Eastern Partnership, the spoiled schoolgirl of Europe – the Success Story of Moldova. In the last moments of her life, she was accompanied by her
Victor Chirila: Quo vadis, Moldova? APE-FES. 29.03.2013. 29.03.2013
For two decades, the answer escapes us as a Fata Morgana in the desert of Sahara. For two decades, the Republic of Moldova struggles between to be and not to be. For two decades, Moldova swings confused between East and West. For two decades, we choose between democracy and oligarchy,
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Chisinau does not expect negative reactions from EU member states over visas.The minister Natalia 20.11.2013
Chisinau does not expect negative reactions from any of the EU member states as regards the proposal to abolish the visa regime for Moldovans, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affair and European Integration Natalia Gherman said in an interview for Radio Free Europe, IPN reports.
AS A MINIMUM, EU WANTS STABILITY FROM MOLDOVA –Igor Botan. 19.11.2013 19.11.2013
At the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius [November 28-29], the European Commission will propose to cancel visa regime for Moldova citizens traveling to Europe, President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Durao Barroso stated at a news conference in Brussels on Friday.
Reformation process in Moldova can be faster than now, European official. Info-Prim Neo. 04.02.2013. 06.02.2013
The reformation process in Moldova can be faster than now, considers the Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova DirkSchuebel. In an interview for Radio Free Europe, the ambassador said he hopes very much that the debates inside the Alliance for European Integration will not hamper the continuation of reforms
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Interview with Victor Chirila: Moldova is close to becoming politically and institutionally failed state. Info-Prim Neo. 27.05.2013. 28.05.2013
The Republic of Moldova is very close to becoming a politically and institutionally failed state that will be ignored by its main foreign partners. According to Victor Chirila, executive director of the Foreign Policy Association, the only chance to avoid this collapse is to form a pro-European Government consisting of
Interview with the President of the Republic of Moldova, Nicolae Timofti, to the Lithuanian website 13.07.2012
Nicolae Timofti: I mean a bridge for people, goods and ideas to cross it over. In the Republic of Moldova, we have experts and institutions which are familiar with both East and West. Hundreds of thousands of Moldovans have travelled in Western Europe during the last years and continue to
Exclusive: Lithuania offers Moldova EU membership perspective, Irena Degutienė, Speaker of Lithuanian Seimas. Info-Prim Neo. 09.07.2012. 09.07.2012
Interview with Speaker of the Lithuanian Seimas Irena Degutienė
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Victor Chirila: Why a Strategic Partnership between Moldova and Russia Is Not a Realistic Option? Foreign Policy Association (APE). 24.01.2013. 24.01.2013 // 139.739Kb

Rosian Vasiloi, State Border Management - achievements and challenges in the context of implementing the Action Plan on Visa Liberalization with the European Union (Phase I and Phase II). APE-BTD project, 01.11.2012. 01.11.2012 // 82.394Kb

Project APE-BTD: “Civic Monitoring on the implementation of the Visa Liberalization Action Plan with the European Union”
Alexandru Baltag, The impact of the Republic of Moldova’s accession to the European Energy Community on the domestic energy security sector. APE - FES. 26.10.2012. 26.10.2012 // 122Kb

The Foreign Policy Association together with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung would like to present a study on The impact of the Republic of Moldova’s accession to the European Energy Community on the domestic energy security sector, elaborated in the framework of the project “Foreign Policy and European Integration Synthesis and Debates”. The Present
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Weekly Radio Programme 01.02.2009

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