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Some ministers of Leanca Government should be kept, opinions. Info Prim Neo.05.12.2014. 05.12.2014
Some of the ministers who worked efficiently in the Leanca Government should be offered a post in the future Cabinet too so as to be able to continue the initiated reforms. Such opinions were presented in the program “Moldova live” on the public TV channel Moldova 1, IPN reports.
Chisinau does not expect negative reactions from EU member states over visas.The minister Natalia 20.11.2013
Chisinau does not expect negative reactions from any of the EU member states as regards the proposal to abolish the visa regime for Moldovans, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affair and European Integration Natalia Gherman said in an interview for Radio Free Europe, IPN reports.
AS A MINIMUM, EU WANTS STABILITY FROM MOLDOVA –Igor Botan. 19.11.2013 19.11.2013
At the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius [November 28-29], the European Commission will propose to cancel visa regime for Moldova citizens traveling to Europe, President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Durao Barroso stated at a news conference in Brussels on Friday.
Signing of two bilateral agreements will bring Moldova closer to EU, Schuebel. Info-Prim Neo. 04.02.2013. 06.02.2013
If the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement and the Association Agreement are signed at the summit in Vilnius, from political viewpoint this will bring Moldova closer to the European Union, the Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova Dirk Schuebel said in an interview for Radio Free Europe.
Reformation process in Moldova can be faster than now, European official. Info-Prim Neo. 04.02.2013. 06.02.2013
The reformation process in Moldova can be faster than now, considers the Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova DirkSchuebel. In an interview for Radio Free Europe, the ambassador said he hopes very much that the debates inside the Alliance for European Integration will not hamper the continuation of reforms and their implementation can be even accelerated.
Corneliu Gurin: Authorities must show political will in promoting reforms. Info-Prim Neo. 30.10.2012. 30.10.2012
Moldovan authorities are progressing well in applying the action Plan regarding the liberalization of the visa regime with the European Union, yet there are some debts. The authorities must show political will and capacities in promoting reforms, underlines Corneliu Gurin, legal expert at the Association for Participative Democracy ADEPT.
Victor Chirila: Moldova should overcome a number of obstacles impeding UE integrations. Info-Prim Neo. 29.10.2012. 29.10.2012
While Moldova's objective to join the European Union one day is realistic, our country has to overcome a number of obstacles and challenges that could impede its achievement. This opinion was voiced at the EU-Moldova Forum in Berlin, and discussed on Monday in Chisinau at a Press Club meeting of the Foreign Policy Association.
Nicu Popescu: Russia 'less concerned' about EU's Eastern Partnership. News.Az . 21.02.2012. 22.02.2012
Nicu Popescu, head the Russia and Wider Europe Programme at the European Council on Foreign Relations.
APE recommends working out strategy for improving situation of diaspora. Info-Prim Neo. 18.10.2011. 18.10.2011
The Foreign Policy Association (APE) suggests working out a strategy for supporting the Moldovan diaspora, which would set out the principles, objectives and the main course of action and would complexly and integrally tackle the problems faced by the Moldovans living abroad.
Martin Sieg: EU can make a surprise to Moldova. Info-Prim Neo. 10.10.2011. 10.10.2011
Moldova should not exclude a surprise on the part of the European Union as regards the liberalization of the visa regime because the official Brussels consider the Republic of Moldova makes quick progress in implementing the agreed plan of action, German independent expert Martin Sieg said in a meeting of the Press Club of the Foreign Policy Association.
Victor Chirila: Moldova is still in danger 20 years after proclaiming its independence. Info-Prim Neo. 25.08.2011. 25.08.2011
Twenty years after becoming independent, Moldova’s independence, sovereignty and democracy are still in danger. The threats have not been removed from the country’s agenda. They continue to be powerful and can influence the internal and foreign policy course, Victor Chirila, executive director of the Foreign Policy Association (APE), said in a meeting of the Association’s Press Club.
Victor Chirila, Valeriu Gheorghiu, Bogumil Luft: Warsaw summit regarded with hope in Chisinau. Info-Prim Neo. 28.07.2011. 28.07.2011
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and civil society look with great hope at the Eastern Partnership summit that will take place in Poland in September.
Igor Munteanu: Moldovan Envoy Says Transdniester Should Be 'Raised Up' In U.S.-Russia Relations. Radio Free Europe. 14 June 2011. 14.06.2011
Igor Munteanu, Moldovan Ambassador to the United States
Official dialogue on Transnistrian dispute will not be successful without consensus on talks’ outcome. Info-Prim Neo. 31.05.2011. 01.06.2011
There are preconditions for the official Transnistrian conflict settlement talks in the 5+2 format to be resumed in Moscow in June, executive director of the Foreign Policy Association (APE) Victor Chirila said Tuesday. According to him, the foreign partners of the official Chisinau should find levers to make Tiraspol return to the negotiating table and accept that the granting of a special legal status to the Transnistrian region within Moldova is the only possible outcome of the talks.
Donald Tusk: Moldova can count on Poland’s support in fulfilling European dream. Info-Prim Neo. 01.04.2011. 01.04.2011
“Democracy and freedom are the values that make people’s lives better. The road to the EU covered by Poland was considered a successful one. That’s why we are ready to share our experience and are very glad when other states succeed in achieving better results than we,” Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said in the EU – Moldova Forum that is taking place in Chisinau between March 29 and 31.
Oazu Nantoi: Solution to Transnistrian conflict cannot be identified at talks with Igor Smirnov. Info-Prim Neo. 01.04.2011. 01.04.2011
Political analyst Oazu Nantoi considers that the Transnistrian conflict is not an internal one and the population of Transnistria is not part of the dispute, while the Tiraspol administration, especially Igor Smirnov, do not represent this population. Related statements were made in the EU-Moldova Forum held in Chisinau. The analyst stressed that a viable solution to the conflict cannot be identified at the negotiating table with Igor Smirnov.
Romanian ex-president makes revelations about how Yeltsin signed treaty on pullout of troops from Transnistria. Info-Prim Neo. 31.03.2011. 31.03.2011
Former President of Romania Emil Constantinescu made disclosures about the Istanbul Summit of 1999, when Russia pledged to withdraw its troops and munitions from the Transnistrian region. In an international forum in Chisinau, the ex-head of state said the signing of that document by Russia was a present on his birthday by the then Russian President Boris Yeltsin.
Emil Constantinescu: Coalition governance is inevitable. Info-Prim Neo. 30.03.2011. 30.03.2011
Coalition governance in a period of transition is inevitable, but any coalition should have a project, ex-President of Romania Emil Constantinescu said in the European Union – Moldova Forum that started in Chisinau on Tuesday evening, Info-Prim Neo reports. Emil Constantinescu took part in the first round of discussions themed “Transition to democracy in Moldova: 20 years of independence”, alongside former Polish President Alexander Kwasniewski and former Moldovan President Petru Lucinschi.
Andrei Popov and Annely Ute Gabanyi: A clear call for a responsible, stable and efficient governing. Radio Free Europe. 13.03.2011. 21.03.2011
Andrei Popov, Deputy minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration; Anneli Ute Gabanyi, expert, Berlin
Staff Members of APE: Separate ministry needed to oversee Moldova's European integration. Info-Prim Neo. 31.12.2010. 03.01.2011
Experts at the Foreign Policy Association (FPA) maintain that a separate ministry should be created to oversee Moldova's European integration process alone.
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Moldova’s Vote to Embrace Europe Puts the EU in the Hot Seat. By Victor Chirila, Open Society Foundation, 12 December 2014. 16.12.2014
On November 30, Moldova held a crucial parliamentary election, the results of which will determine the country’s future for years to come. Major political parties advocated not merely different policies, but diametrically opposite geopolitical options: an association agreement with the European Union or membership in the Russia-led Customs Union.
Alexandru Cocirta: Recommendations to Reform the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Moldova in 2014. APE. February 2014. 27.02.2014 // 86.07Kb

Despite the stated interest to undertake a multidimensional reform of the Prosecutor's Office, few of the defined priority activities were carried out, while the initiated ones are at an early stage. Both the foreign monitoring and the domestic observers found deficiencies in respect of the promotion of initiatives aimed at
Lina Grau: APE Recommendations for Combating Discrimination in 2014. APE. February 2014. 27.02.2014 // 73.055Kb

2013 has been the year when the first steps in combating discrimination in the Republic of Moldova were undertaken, some difficult steps, especially for the newly elected members of the Council to prevent and liquidate the discrimination and ensure equality (hereinafter, the Anti-Discrimination Council or the CAD), which is the
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Interview with Mr. Ion Sturza, ex Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova: „It is not Putin who is powerful, it is the global leaders who are weak “. 23.03.2014 23.03.2014 // 92.702Kb

Mr. Sturza (53 years old) has started his political carrier in 1999 and became well-known for his nine-month running of the government. Although he withdrew from the political scene, many conationals would be in favor of his presidency in the county across the Prut River (Republic of Moldova – note
Interview with Victor Chirila: Moldova is close to becoming politically and institutionally failed state. Info-Prim Neo. 27.05.2013. 28.05.2013
The Republic of Moldova is very close to becoming a politically and institutionally failed state that will be ignored by its main foreign partners. According to Victor Chirila, executive director of the Foreign Policy Association, the only chance to avoid this collapse is to form a pro-European Government consisting of
Interview with the President of the Republic of Moldova, Nicolae Timofti, to the Lithuanian website 13.07.2012
Nicolae Timofti: I mean a bridge for people, goods and ideas to cross it over. In the Republic of Moldova, we have experts and institutions which are familiar with both East and West. Hundreds of thousands of Moldovans have travelled in Western Europe during the last years and continue to
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REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL, Fourth Report on the implementation by the Republic of Moldova of the Action Plan on Visa Liberalisation. 21.06.2013. 21.06.2013 // 215.386Kb

Implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy in 2012 Regional Report: Eastern Partnership, Brussels, 20.3.2013, SWD(2013) 85 final 21.03.2013

Implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy in Republic of Moldova, Progress in 2012 and recommendations for action, Brussels, 20.3.2013, SWD(2013) 80 final 21.03.2013 // 203.862Kb

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Corneliu Ciurea: Comparative analysis of options for assurance of national security of the Republic of Moldova in the Context of Russian aggression in Ukraine. APE/FEE. 25.03.2015   // 702.354Kb

In this paper we will debate the main trends that revolve around this major cleavage - neutrality versus accession to NATO- in terms of the consequences of the Ukrainian crisis on Moldova. In our opinion, in this situation the idea of neutrality increasingly loses its sense. Moreover, the disappearance of
EU budget support to Eastern Partnership Countries: Cases of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine. Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, 2014 16.02.2015 // 7937.782Kb

The publication represents an evaluation which focuses on the EU budget support as an instrument of the EU funding to governments in three Eastern Partnership countries: Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine. This Publication has been produced in the framework of the project "EU Budget Support to the Eastern Partnership Countries: Civil Monitoring
Victor Chirila: Why a Strategic Partnership between Moldova and Russia Is Not a Realistic Option? Foreign Policy Association (APE). 24.01.2013. 24.01.2013 // 139.739Kb

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Weekly Radio Programme 01.02.2009

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